About Me

I am a first-year graduate student at Kent State University in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations.  Before coming back to school, I worked at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, an independent bookstore, as its Public Relations and Events Coordinator.  I really enjoyed the position and gained experience in PR and event planning.  A majority of my job was planning, executing, and hosting author events in the store.  While I was there, I had the opportunity to meet  authors, such as Anna Quindlen, Eddie Levert, Chuck Liddell, Ellie Krieger, Cal Ripken, Jr. and many well known children’s authors.  During my time at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, I came to realize that I wanted to pursue a career in PR and decided to come back to school to learn the fundamentals.  In my very little spare time, I enjoy reading, running, and the theater.



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