October 29, 2008

Social Media Bandwagon

Posted in Kent State University, Social Media, Student Organization at 3:18 am by cdziak

I admit, I’m not a super computer nerd or tech savvy but when I was an undergrad, I jumped on the social media bandwagon. Social media can include anything from Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, to blogs, podcasts and various other media outlets. More specifically, I jumped on the social network bandwagon and joined Facebook and Myspace back in 2004. When I think about it, that seems like ages ago and boy has social networking and social media taken off since its birth.

It seems that nowadays, everyone is involved in social networking in some way and student organizations as well as corporations have a Facebook page, myspace page, blog, have podcasts or all of the above.

In last weeks post, both the college democrats and college republicans had websites which were not very helpful but both had active Facebook pages.

Here are a couple questions regarding social networks.

  • Is social networking the best way to reach out to people in this day and age?
  • Are websites just going to be the base for an organization in the future?
  • Are social networking sites going to become more popular than the typical website?

At Kent State’s Center for Student Involvement various organizations websites are either out of date or the link simply does not work.  Jump onto Facebook and search for groups at Kent State and over 500 results show up.  You’ll find anything from Relay for Life at Kent State to I Want to Catch a Kent State Black Squirrel. People can create various groups on Facebook for random reasons or to get people involved.

Organizations and colleges are also taking on blogs.  Bryn Mawr College has an entire site dedicated to blogs.

Social networking and blogs are great ways to keep people informed and get people excited about an event but regardless of what the organization is trying to do, they need to think about the reasoning behind creating a blog or making a social networking group.

With so many social networking sites springing up so often and with so many to choose from, should organizations use these sites to reach out to people, especially student organizations?  What makes Facebook better to use than Myspace?  Should organizations use Twitter or Pownce?

Social media can be very overwhelming but if student organizations are strategic in the way they use social media or networking, I think it can be very beneficial especially with social networking becoming part of our daily lives.