November 12, 2008

Promote like Crazy

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As I was walking through the student the other day, I saw a display with a couple of fliers saying that there was going to be  meeting Wed. Nov 12 for student groups to learn how to promote their organization.  Now, if I didn’t have a prior commitment, I would definitely attend but I have some thoughts.

Why wasn’t this meeting held at the beginning of the semester?

I understand the beginning of the semester is busy for everyone, incoming freshman, returning students and yes, even us grad students.  It seems more ideal that a meeting where organizations can learn how to better promote their organization shouldn’t be in November.  The first semester is almost over.

Not enough promotion?

A recent classmate of mine gave a presentation on fundraising for non-profits. One comment she made about non-profit event promotion was there is no such thing as too much promotion. Probably like many non-profts, the student organizations don’t have a large budget, so they have to be creative in the way they get the word out.  Sometimes the typical flier just won’t do.  Times Square is chock full of promotions going on.

Use the members

The Rock Hall only had 6 weeks to promote the CMJ Music Festival the first year and boy did they promote!  They went to local establishments to hand out guitar pics with the event information, they had fliers, t-shirts, free music download cards. Employees spray chalked sidewalks and walls, they had magnets with the event information on their cars.  I could go on. The point is, employees got excited about the event.

Get excited

If organizations feel that there is a lack of students, get out there and promote like crazy.

  • Use your resources
  • put fliers in different buildings – the library, student center, Eastway Center, the Student Recreation center, different departments.
  • talk to your classes
  • make a Facebook page

As I was searching around the Center for Student Involvement site, there was no sign of this meeting being held.I think it’s great that there is going to be a meeting held for these organizations but I think they would have benefited more from the meeting had it been at the beginning of the semester.

Here’s something to consider, even though it is geared more towards businesses.


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  1. Evan Whiting said,

    I like the points you make regarding promotion here at Kent State. I really like the point you make about promotions for the student organizations need to be held at the beginning of the semester. In regards to getting incoming freshman involved with the student organizations, would it not make sence to have the groups come in and talk during the “week of welcome”? Furthermore, the promotion problem you speak of in this blog is relatable to our athletics promotion as well. I am on the track team and it seems like almost no sport is truly promoted here. At most you hear Football and Basketball on the radio and maybe see a flier. Im just curious as to how the promotion of our athletics and student organizations can better promote themselves and truly get the results they desire.

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