October 22, 2008

Students, Politics and the Internet

Posted in Kent State University, Student Organization at 4:43 am by cdziak

With the presidential election less than 2 weeks away, I thought it would be appropriate to touch on Kent States college democrats and college republicans on campus.

Since arriving at Kent State, one of the more visible student organizations is the College Democrats.  They have been at the student center, they’ve had events at the Risman plaza and there have various articles about them in the Daily Kent Stater.  I tried to check out both organizations website through Kent State’s Center for Student Involvement but had little success.  The college democrats webpage did not load and the college republicans website is a little outdated.

  • Any organization, be it a student run organization, a non-profit, or corporation should ALWAYS make sure their website is current and if their website is posted on a page, it is posted correctly.

With a little searching on Kent State’s website, I found the current college democrats website although there is not much information posted other then when the group meets and the officers.  At least there website is current but not the easiest to find especially from the Center for Student Involvement website.

For a student organization on a college campus, does Facebook benefit the group more then just a plain old website?  My thoughts are it does. College students, especially undergrads, have gotten to an unhealthy habit of constantly checking their Facebook page but if Facebook is all about social networking then why not reach out to students through this very popular website?  Some college political organizations even have blogs.

The college republicans on the campus of William Jewell College even have their own logo.  Brand your organization – great idea!

I think it’s great to see college organizations using social media to reach their peers, to get them interested and involved especially during an election year.  Young adults have definitely taken initiative to make their peers aware that they can make a difference.  At Northwestern University , their college democrats and republicans held a debate called NU Decides.  I think both organizations on Kent State’s campus could really vamp up their methods of reaching out to their peers.  Start a blog.  Debate each other.  Update the websites.  I think the college democrats are on the right track but both organizations need a little more push to really be successful on campus.  Check out other college’s organizations and see what they are doing to get people involved.


  1. paolo said,

    I can only imagine the good it’d do them should they push forward with their beliefs. Although of course, they could always joint up and create a joint event to showcase their differences.

  2. cdziak said,

    I completely agree about having a joint event to showcase their differences or even issues they agree on. Just from what I have seen on campus, the college democrats are much more visible then the college democrats. I don’t believe I have ever seen the college republicans anywhere on campus and the only place I have seen them mentioned is in the school’s newspaper, the Daily Kent Stater.

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