October 15, 2008

The Green Bandwagon

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One of the most recent trends among university campuses is to go green. Kent State is jumping on the bandwagon with a task force to help the school become more green.  Not every school is going to be ahead of the crowd but here is a list of top ten schools from the Sierra Club who have already begun going green.

10 that Get It

  1. 1. Oberlin College
  2. 2. Harvard Unversity
  3. 3. Warren Wilson College
  4. 4. University of California system
  5. 5. Duke University
  6. 6. Middlebury College
  7. 7. Berea College
  8. 8. Pennsylvania State University
  9. 9. Tufts University
  10. 10. Carnegie Mellon University

I am all for the university  becoming more energy efficient.  This could be a prime opportunity for a new student organization on campus geared towards being more green.  I didn’t come across organization on campus whose mission is to make the school more green.

Where to Start

Say there is a group of students on campus who are interested in a “green” organization.  I would encourage them to find out the credentials for starting a new campus organization.  Once the organization is up and running, I would suggest alternate ways to get students interested instead of the typical posting of fliers around campus (which would help) and chalking on the campus sidewalks.  Facebook is a prime place to get friends and other students to notice a new organization.  A creative symbol and catchy name are important to a new organization as well.

Check out Other Universities

It wouldn’t be too hard to find out what other universities around the country are doing to get students involved with going green.

  • The University of Wisconsin – Madison had an entire Green Week this past April.
  • The State University of New York – New Paltz has a couple of organizations on campus geared towards going green.
  • Carnegie Mellon University has an entire webpage, Green Practices, to going green.
  • The University of Wisconsin – Seven Points has several student organizations as well.

I think there is a great time for students to be creative, be involved with an important and hot issue right now and do their part in making Kent State more green.


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  1. Nicole Webster said,

    Awesome blog! It really got me thinking about going green and what more Kent could do to increase this awareness. I believe that going green is an important way to show that you care about the environment. The only issue I have is that not a lot of people know about it. Even though there are green bags around campus for you to purchase, many students still do not know how going green works. As a result, students in Kent should organize a club to inform more people about what going green actually means. As well as informing, this club should also come up with ideas in order to get the students involved by holding special event and fun and resourceful activities. One person can make a difference, but a club can see the difference.

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