October 1, 2008

To Structure or Not to Structure? That is the Question

Posted in Kent State University at 4:20 am by cdziak

Structure: anything composed of parts arranged together in some way; an organization.

We all have structure in some part of daily lives and have been surrounded by structure from the day we came into the world. Structure in our families, in schools, work and in organizations we belong to. Now the questions arises, if you belong to an organization and there is no structure with how things are done, is it okay to begin implementing structure that was not there in the beginning?

On Tuesday, September 30th, The Daily Kent Stater published an article about the fraternities to implement a recruitment structure come spingtime. According to the article, there are mixed emotions about implenting a recruitment structure. Having no structure for a fraternity could give people the mental image of John Belushi and his frat brothers of Delta House from Animal House.

Structure in general is a good thing, even if it’s just a little. Any organization, whether it’s a school organization, professional organization, a sports team, non-profit, they all need structure. It helps to keep a balance and guides the group toward a goal. All fraternities have a goal of increasing membership – why not take advantage of a little structure benefit that goal? You never know, the structured recruitment could benefit the fraternities. A little structure never hurt anyone.

Props to Tina Fey for another hilarious skit as Sarah Palin.


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