September 24, 2008

And it starts. I have entered the blog world.

Posted in Events, Kent State University, Music at 3:52 pm by cdziak

I come into the blog world as a new blogger and someone with very little blogging experience. I dabbled in blogging once but soon became bored and really did not have any motivation or reason to keep a blog other than to update my friends about what was going on in my life. As a class requirement for my PR Online class at Kent State Universty, everyone must start a blog and maintain it throughout the semester. As a result, here I am writing my first blog post.

As a Public Relations student and someone who wants to enter the world of special events, I have been very observant the first couple of weeks on campus. As I walk around, I see all different student organizations trying to recruit students and get them interested in their organization. I’ve also been keeping my eye out on how different campus events are promoted.

Recently, Crocs Next Step Concert Tour came to KSU’s campus. Touring was Cartel, a powerpop punk band, hip hop artist Yung Joc and rap/punk artist MC Lars. As I walked around campus leading up to the concert, I personally did not see a whole lot of promotion. There were signs around campus, flyers promoting the concert and a blurb on Kent State’s website.

A week before the event, an article ran in The Daily Kent Stater.

For the next week, Undergraduate Student Government was going to be promoting the concert. As someone who has some experience in event planning, one week is not a lot of time to promote an event. Public relations is about maintaining relationships with your public and a concert like this would be a great opportunity to get students excited about the school year and show them what great activities Kent has to offer. The day of the concert, an insert was added to The Daily Kent State but it would have been nice to see that the previous week. The timing might have been bad for USG to really promote this event but hopefully next time they’ll take the bull by the horns and run with it.


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