September 17, 2008

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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  1. Brad Winfield said,

    When reading your blog about the Alternative Spring Break it really motivated me to actually think about pursuing the trip. It seems selfish to go and party for an entire week while others are suffering. I do not know if people are just ignorant to the fact that there is an opportunity out there to help people in need or that they don’t care. If someone participates in a program such as the alternative spring break it will open their minds to a new perspective on life.

    Your blog “Promote Like Crazy” brings up an important issue when it comes to student organiztions. I am in several organizations on campus and membership is obvisously always a crucial factor. I agree that fliers are a great way to recruit new members but they don’t always work. When walking through a sea of fliers and advertisements on designated areas, in the student center and other places on campus, it becomes easy for your promotion to just blend in. In my own experience a great way to increase membership would be to hold events in public such as cornhole tournements, volleyball games, BBQ events and while these events are going on make it known that everyone is invited. On the hand of having a seminar at basically the end of the semester on how to increase membership in student organizations is just horrible timing. Once the semester is winding down I become more stressed than at the beginning and for most organizations on campus they are done recruiting so it is basically pointless maybe they’ll learn from their mistake.

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